Problem with Integration Features in Windows 7

Lately I have had a lot of problems with my virtual pc environments which is running Windows 7. My hosting OS is Windows 7 and the big reason for the trouble is because of the Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Since it was installed on my hosting machine it totally messed up the Virtual PC Integration Features for my virtual machines.

The mouse stopped working in the virtual machine plus everything else except from the keyboard, so I was quite stuck with using shortcuts to navigate. Every time I tried to install the Integration Components I got an error, think it was error code 1602 or something, which resulted in a rollback for the installation process.

How to solve the problem

After a lot of browsing around on the net I came across some information that explained that it is possible to prohibit the installer from doing a rollback of the installation of the Integration Feature Components if anything should fail (which it always does on my machine). By prohibiting a rollback the installer is unable to create certain files used for the rollback and the result is that the Integration Features are installed anyway even though something might be wrong. This solved my problem!



  1. Open MMC using the textbox in the start menu.
  2. Add the Group Policy Object Editor snap-in to the console.
  3. Select the Computer Configuration node and expand it.
  4. Select the Administrative Templates node and expand it.
  5. Select Windows Components and locate the Windows Installer item.
  6. In the Windows Installer; locate the Prohibit rollback setting.
  7. Set the value for Prohibit rollback to Enabled.
  8. Save the value and close the Console application.
  9. Restart the system.
  10. Start the installer for the Integration Features.
  11. If you get questions regarding processes that needs to be shut down you can terminate them using the task manager. I needed to terminate two processes related to the Virtual PC and I simply wrote down the PID numbers and terminated them in Task Manager.
  12. The installer should complete and inform you that the installation succeeded.
  13. Restart the system.
  14. Now at least the mouse should be working.
  15. I don’t really know how to fix the rest of the integration features, but I will update this blog post if I get some ideas. I think that the cause of the problem is something with the hardware together with service pack 1 for Windows 7.

Lost TAB- and ESC-keys in Virtual PC

I work a lot in Virtual PC environments and one problem I have stumbled across now and then is that keys sometimes stops working. Today it happened again so I “googled” it up and found a solution to my “lost keys”-problem.

I’m currently working in a VPC running Windows 2008 Server on my laptop that runs Windows 7 (64 bit).
The problem I’ve experienced is that the ESC- and TAB-keys occasionally stops working along with the ‘ö’-key on my keyboard (Swedish).

The solution to my problem was to make changes to the Local Security Policy that is located under the Administrative Tools in Control Panel.


I solved my problem by doing the following changes:

  1. Close all VPC:s including the Virtual PC Console.
  2. Open the “Local Security Policy”.
  3. Select “Software Restriction Policies”.
  4. Select “Additional Rules”.
  5. Add a new “path rule” and enter the following path:

    %appdata%\microsoft\virtual pc\vpckeyboard.dll

    Note: The path to the vpckeyboard.dll-file may differ depending on what OS
    you are running. The text %appdata% is an environment variable in the system
    and can be replaced with the full path if you like.

  6. Set the “Security Level” to “Unrestricted”.
  7. Save the new rule by clicking the OK-button
  8. Start your Virtual PC and now the key should work just fine.

The image below shows the Local Security Policy with the “Software Restriction Policies”-node selected.